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We’re a small (but very busy!) team, looking to make a difference every day. Find out more about what we’ve been up to recently.


According to the Natural Hydration Council, our brains are around 70% water, so it’s no wonder that we need to stay adequately hydrated and drink more in order to perform at our best. As a guide, The European Food Safety Authority recommends a total water intake of 2 litres for women and 2.5 litres for […]

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Girl drinking water from community tap | Blog: What actually is a B Corp?

Back in September 2015, Global Ethics Limited (The One Brand) became one of the first UK businesses to achieve B Corp status; an achievement that we are still immensely proud of today. But what actually is a B Corp? B Corporations are certified by the nonprofit B Lab, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental […]

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I’m sad to say that this is my last day at One. I’ve had an incredible two and a half years working at this inspirational company that’s truly transforming lives – and I wanted to use this opportunity to share some of my many highlights before I pack up and go. Here are 14 reasons […]

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How can I try to explain something so fundamentally life-changing in a few words in a blog? I lived through Hurricane Mitch in 1998. 19,325 people didn’t.  Irma by comparison, also a Category 5 hurricane, has killed less than a hundred. The level of destruction though, is absolutely comparable. Mitch changed my life in so many ways, mostly for […]

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I am not going to lie and try to make you believe I am a football fanatic. If anything, I am usually the person who on hearing the word “football” rolls my eyes and switches off. With football back in season and the Premier League on our screens from Saturday it will soon be difficult […]

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I’m very excited to reveal that we’re working with Pop My Mind to inspire up-and-coming artists to create original artwork for our new Origins range, which launches later this month. We first met the Pop My Mind team (Oliver, Laurel and Karis – all creatives themselves) at this year’s London Coffee Festival – and after […]

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The school summer holidays are upon us once again (where does the time go?!), and with them, so begins the almost daily request for treats and ice creams at the park and on days out with the children. Whilst I want them to have an enjoyable summer holiday, I dont want the laissez faire parenting […]

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