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We are proudly supporting the Everyone Forever programme in the Rulindo and Kicikuro districts of Rwanda. We have partnered with a pioneering organisation leading the way in sustainable, system-led change. Our programme will ensure that by 2018 every school, clinic and household in Rulindo and Kicikuro has access to clean water, forever.

200,000 invested to date


Rulindo, Northern Province, Rwanda


Kicukiro, Kigali City, Rwanda

100,000 lives changed

Project details

Rwanda has made huge strides in economic growth, education and particularly public health in the 20+ years since the genocide in 1994. The government’s concerted commitment to progress, as embodied in its national strategy Vision 2020, has made Rwanda a model for development in Africa.

Sadly, however, 3 million people in Rwanda still don’t have access to clean water and as 40% still live without improved sanitation, waterborne disease remains a leading cause of death (over 600 children under the age of five die from diarrhoea every year).

Set up in October 2010, in partnership with the Rwandan government, Everyone Forever aims to provide full district water coverage in Rulindo and Kicikuro by the end of 2018. That’s 500 villages and 285,000 people.

Full coverage for everyone. Every school. Every household. Every clinic. Providing a continuous flow of safe water based on government standards of distance, access, quality and quantity.

This approach is based on combining government commitment with private sector support and community buy-in and it’s already having results. Over 100,000 people in Rulindo already have access to a sustainable clean water supply and this approach will be replicated across the country, district by district. By focusing on system management, technical support and introducing an affordable tariff, Everyone Forever builds a system that can exist independently of aid in the future.

We aim to provide a further 65 schools and 10 health clinics with clean, safe water by the end of 2016.